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Unique codes or keyword promotions...multi draws or grand prize...random time and date draws...controlling input formats or number of entries per day...TxTEngine has your requirements covered

Database building

All TxTEngine promotions come with the option to add a database VIP lists or capture opt-in details for subsequent communications via TxTEngine or alternative channels

Web integration

Run SMS and web promotions, or even web only. Your own site hosted on your servers, we'll supply the codes and the API that gives your developers easy access to the promotions engine

Custom work

A lot of what we do involves custom development and custom reporting that enables you to run your promotion exactly how you envisaged it

Outbound text

TxTEngine can handle your outbound texts and emails. Replies to your outbounds can be redirected by the TxTEngine promotions engine into another competition or promotion

All things SMS

Our sister company TxTStream offers mobile keywords, SMS from email and web based messaging as well as developer API's. Easily integrate SMS into your business with TxTStream

Some stuff about us

We work with agencies, retailers and businesses. TxTEngine povides the technology platform for SMS and web based promotions.

TxTEngine has been around for over 15 years. Over that time we've undertaken hundreds of promotions. As you would expect, we've gained enough experience to be able to advide you on what works and what doesn't.

To us, it's not about the technology, as that constantly changes and evolves. It's about the simplicity and ease with which we can deliver a promotion to our clients regardless of what's happening in the background

Some stuff we've run for our clients recently

Flow by day, flow by night

Monster Cooler, Monster Ford Ranger, Monster Headphones, Monster Nascar

Babich Wines 2018

Go to Whistler

Powerade 2018

Laphroaig 25YO

Treat your car with Repco, Win Mobil vouchers

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